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Advantages for the certified companies

Availability of the IMF Alliance’s Certificate of Conformity defines the compliance of its holder with the requirements made by IMF Alliance and guarantees that such holder’s financial organization has been thoroughly tested and designated as the stable and reliable company recommended for cooperation.

The IMF Alliance’s Certificate of Conformity for the financial organizations is:

  • Guarantor of stability and high quality of the provided services;
  • Status, image and respectability of the company;
  • Expansion in the number of potential customers;
  • Increase in activity of the existing customers;
  • Excellent PR-trigger and additional opportunity to come into the spotlight;
  • Confirmation of competence and professionalism of the company;
  • Aggrandizement of positive public popularity of the company among its customers and in professional circles;
  • Documentary confirmation of the company’s competitiveness.

Advantages for traders and investors

  • Guaranteed contract with the reliable and efficient company that provides high-quality services;
  • Customer right protection and resolution of all disputes that may arise during the process of work between the customer and organization certified by IMF Alliance;
  • Compensation fund availability in order to make up the losses incurred by the customers of the company certified by IMF Alliance;
  • Guaranteed disbursement of funds placed on deposits subject to confirmation of such funds availability, in the event the company certified by IMF Alliance was recognized as a bankrupt;
  • If it is found impossible to make contact with the company in order to bring legitimate demands for return of the funds to the clients, or in the event that the organization ceases to operate as a result of the force majeure or other circumstances, IMF Alliance guarantees the disbursement of funds subject to confirmation of such funds availability on this company’s accounts;

IMF Alliance bears no pecuniary responsibility and guarantees no compensations or payments for the claims relating to foregone earnings and compensation of moral (non pecuniary) damage.